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 Specialty Equipment Leasing 

Allen Capital Funding offers the following specialty equipment leasing programs:


  • Amusement Park Equipment- Allen Capital is a financing partner for US Thrill Rides (USTR) of Windermere, Florida.  We work as the intermediary between USTR and a select group of lenders to provide attractive financing for USTR’s popular amusement attractions, which include the Unicoaster™, SkyBlazer™, SkySpire™, Polercoaster™, and Unicoaster Roulette™.  More than 300 of these rides appear in locations all over the world.  Go to for more information on these attractions.


  • Commercial Solar Panels & Related Equipment- Allen Capital also partners with select solar panel vendors to provide financing for their business customers.  This financing can be structured in any number of ways in order to maximize tax benefits or reduce out-of-pocket costs.


Our goal with these programs is to provide our partners’ customers with the highest level of service and value.

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